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Focus 1: Just Draw

Just draw, let yourself observe, create, make it fun and be open to the journey. Do not over judge your work. Have some intention and go for it. Build a small habit of observing and drawing what you see. Make a commitment to learning and to yourself.  This journey will make you look at yourself and the world in a new way. This is your call to a new adventure.

Human Sketch

In this focus, enjoy the practice of observing and drawing what you see and or drawing what you imagine. As a sketchbook hero you will come across challenges, pitfalls, and other obstacles. Surprise!, this is where the learning is. To get through we need to recognize the challenge and then make it a point for improvement an aim and a practice. RAPP2 draw will help you simplify and take on these obstacles with focus 2. In the meantime enjoy the challenge and just aim and do. The biggest challenge can be ourselves, understand what is holding you back, and take action to resolve it. We are creatures of habit and how we solve any problem is how we solve most problems.


  • Why learn sketching and drawing? (Why Doc) Motivation

  • Aims and expectations

    • Focus, purpose, and intentions (Survey)

  • The hero's journey- The treasure we seek lies in the cave we fear to enter

  • "Don't let schooling get in the way of your learning" ~Mark Twain (IMG)

    • It does not matter what I cover, what matters is what you discover​

    • Everyone is born an artist

    • Love what you do (Making mistakes is the way)

  • Build a habit

What holds us back?​​

  • Learning and Growth Mindset

  • Do your best (Commitment and Ego)

  • Time: Living in balance- Life Goals

  • Perfectionism (Paralysis from Analysis)​

  • TAKE ACTION (Effort)- Art story​​​

  • Mentors, Inspiration, Direction

  • Myths

    • Skill, Aptitude, Talent​

  • Struggles, challenges, problem-solving, Learned helplessness

    • Difficult times- Persistence​, Grit

  • Simplify- Problem Solving FOCUS 2


Who is Eladio? (Website)

Why is it free?


- Pen and paper (Thorough video explanation)

                             Coming soon

Exercises this week

- Preinstruction drawing / Intention Drawing

- Draw your interests or use these lists

           WAM Sketchbook list of 200+ Website

            Rapid Fire Lesson 1 list Website



 You should be the best judge-

   Are you keeping your commitments?

   Do you know your focus, purpose,

          and intentions?

Are you building your practice habit 10 minutes a day to Hours?

This weeks

This week we focus on taking action as we ponder why we drawing is valuable and what is the biggest barrier to drawing.

  • Commitment:

  • Enjoy the line: 


    • Praise the process - Practice with purpose-

    • Be happy with your work, just not always satisfied 

    • Intention- Focus  

    • - Sketch/ Draw consistently

    • - Draw every day - What is your commitment?



  • Exercise
    • 0: Lines & Scribbles             Variety & Consistency                One line drawing (<2:25:51)    
    • 1.0: Look for shapes and Ratios   

What is your "Why"?
What motivates you?

A strong "Why" will get you through the "What" and "How" you struggle with. Knowledge in skills

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Why Draw?




Confidence Courage

Film Courage YouTube Channel Link

What Successful Artists Do To Beat Self-Doubt - Larry Hankin (>4:34)        Keep moving forward

Fears And Doubts That Hold Artists Back - Erica Wernick  (> 11:45) !!!

Time management- Task avoidance






Evaluating- Critiquing- Intentions

Creativity vs Critical Thinking

 Advice For Artists Who Are Too Hard On Themselves (>28:02)

Are You Scared Of Sharing Art Online (>29:34)

Lady Gaga - All Stage Falls (2009 - 2019) Compilation (>)

1% better every day

Do not take failure or success personally; do not attach it to your self worth

How a sketchbook can change your life (< SketchbookSkool)

Ancient Drawing Truths + Pencil Rendering Techniques + I Ran a Drawing Workshop (< 1:06:37)

Know what you want and 



START WITH SMALL STEPS IF YOU NEED TO BUT START, CONTINUE AND DO NOT STOP.   Build a just do it habit when it comes to drawing

- Get over the FEAR  -  Get over the doubt - 

- Build Confidence - Build Courage -

Mistakes are the stepping stones to the next level

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