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Learn to Draw anything you see

RAPP2Draw is a step by step approach to drawing

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The RAPP2Draw method is the quickest and most comprehensive way to learn to draw anything you see!

Our site is currently under construction. You can see our class course (Click HERE).

Thursday ZOOM Class link click here

The 6:30 PDT start time will allow for a meet and greet as well as time for people to ask questions and settle in.

Class starts promptly at 7:00 pm PDT (Code messaged to site members)

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About RAPP2Draw®

Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

We’re proud of the work that the RAPP2Draw process can produce!

RAPP2Draw is an ideal process beginning Art students can use to build a solid foundation in drawing.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a professional needing a refresher; RAPP2 draw provides the steps, the foundation, and the mindset needed to produce quick accurate drawings. 

Details (from Meetup. Look below for more details)

All you need is a pencil, paper, and a positive attitude.

 Get to know, start to grow:

We will cover drawing and sketching basics. we will build a strong foundation in an essential skill that will bring untold value to you. Learn to sketch and draw with a weekly simplified step by step approach to sketching and drawing. Starting from level 0 to advanced drawing techniques. You choose your speed and comfort/ challenge levels to gain this most useful skill.

Join this hands-on weekly one hour class to gain skills that will enhance almost everything you do. With our instructor's 30+ years of art teaching experience, we will start as simple as possible with fun exercises and practices that will help anyone gain these essential foundational skills. Eladio will mentor and guide you to levels and through levels never before clearly stated in any book or course.

Sketching and drawing skills have many benefits; from communication, thinking, and meditating to improving, observing, artistic, and professional art skills. Come learn these foundational skills with this fun, informative, novel approach.

Get to know and understand yourself! Temet nosce. Understand the power of practice and process. This class is more than gaining a skill, it is gaining the mindset to take on challenges. Take steps to self-actualization, self-evolution, and to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Grow your competence, grow your confidence, grow your belief in yourself!

Free to look, free to join, drop-in anytime! All are welcome!

This course is for anyone wanting to learn but is specifically geared for the ABSOLUTE beginner. Drawing and sketching should be an enjoyable and sometimes challenging skill to do and learn. My mission is to guide and help you through the challenges, obstacles, and resistance that holds us back from obtaining these skills. The first and ongoing challenge/ point of resistance is ourselves. Our thinking, feeling, and habits can hold us back from obtaining these or any knowledge and skills that can benefit us. 

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Campus Renovations to Start Next Summer

June 10, 2025

First Year Orientation Highlights

February 4, 2025

New Course Schedule Announced

Every Wednesday

6:30 pm

Museum 1

“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art”

Claude Debussy

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